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DO NOT use
They literally took all my withdrawals and then blamed me after for it. DO NOT use this site. I have never gambled online and this was my first and last time because they literally robbed me and then did their “investigation” once I noticed and then still wouldn’t even offer me a settlement. They took $20000 from me. When I asked for a detailed report on the investigation they couldn’t and refused to give it to me so I could go to the police.
renzoaqpjf - November 21, 2019
They’re thieves!
They’re thieves!
grlicewy - November 21, 2019
Hard to withdrawal on 777casino
Easy to deposit, extremely hard to withdrawal.
yuuki15eu - November 21, 2019
Don’t use
Don’t use them. If you don’t care to have money disappear and blamed in the end as well as ignored then is the place for you.
putinovogvp - November 21, 2019
Slowest withdrawals in the industry
Slowest withdrawals in the industry. Somehow it is legal for them to make a withdrawal in a “pending” status for 3 business days. His is to tempt you to cancel and lose all your winnings. Very unethical. So there’s a good hence a withdrawal may take two weeks. Simply unacceptable. There are gambling sites that will send you the money on the same day. So STAY AWAY from and
molaki7n - November 21, 2019
Do not use
Do not use these people if you don’t want to be robbed when I first opened the account I deposited £100 pound for the bonus and I got double back then I actually won £3,000 on the live roulette then I tried to withdraw it so I rung the phone to their customer services and they said I can’t withdraw it and I took advantage of it so I lost the £3,000 and didn’t even get my £100 back as you can imagine I’m really upset about it and I had my heart set on the £3,000 I should’ve known better I should’ve read the other reviews first
esboishar4m - November 21, 2019
DO NOT use mfortune
DO NOT use this site
pregetatpq - November 21, 2019 has many problem
2019 at the beginning ,there have been many problems with your games and work
activist0s - November 21, 2019
I don't recommend
When you start playing, they will first take your money from the deposit not from your bonus like other big casinos, so you are losing no matter what, be careful, I don’t recommend
casinoadmin - November 21, 2019
Mrgreen is a SCAM
This is a SCAM. do not trust them.
vasovinohq - November 21, 2019
ALWAYS lose on
You will deposit and deposit and deposit some more because you will ALWAYS lose! You literally never win
somkhontovx - November 21, 2019
Don’t use
Don’t use this company if you want your money quickly, my withdrawal is still sat in pending status after 5 days and i’m being told it will be another 4 days before it is processed. I’ve never known a company with such slow withdrawal timescales, i’ve closed the account in disgust and won’t be using them again.
itsdarkraverp0 - November 21, 2019 is Scam
Upon first registering with this website I thought it was legit. Seemed to have a good collection of games. I’ve now come to realise what an awful online casino it is. I received an email promotion telling me I had 10 Super Spins free to use on their website so logged in to play them, trouble was no spins were there… No problem, contact the live chat help? Well no, because their live chat help must be some automated bot service. Firstly it will tell you that you are anywhere from 400th to 11th in the queue, constantly changing. Then when you do get through to what you think is a human being, they ask you for your username and email etc, only to then close the chat on you, which happened to me multiple times until I gave up. Will not be using again and advise nobody else does.
neodimiohg - November 21, 2019
Good Customer Service
Jamie was very prompt in replying to me and helpful he was also polite and curious
3days1painth3 - August 30, 2019
I have good experience
All slots casino it is typical micro gaming casino that allows to download software on personal computer and also that have very nice bonuses. I played at this casino bunch of times and i really have only positive remembering and also have only good experience in this casino. Casino have 24/7 live chat support and every time i try it i get immediate assistance in no time and casino live chat agents looks very professional and responsive. My biggest win in this casino was about 400$ i win it playing immortal romance and then break da bank again and it was my first payout so i was a bit worry about this my payout because 400$ it is not so bad money and i can use it for many more deposits. Casino verify my account within 1 day they ask my id and utility bill and nothing else i like when casino did not ask many documents from me. Payout take 3 day and all other payout was paid in about some times. Bonuses and promotions in this casino good and also at all slots casino possible to collect comp points and change it to cash. Good and safe casino with that i have good experience.
mangolazy - August 20, 2019
Wasn’t a good experience on
Unfortunately for me wasn’t a good experience. Glad I only deposited £30 won 100 then tried to withdraw £60 and wouldn’t let me. Ended up playing the £60 till it was gone then closed my account. Put £20 on another casino and won £140. Let me withdraw with no problems at all. This company will take take take..then when you win will try everything to not pay.
zothiqueqf - August 20, 2019
The worst casino
The worst casino I have ever used they don’t pay you plain and simple I tried to withdraw and they kept placing it bk in my balance my account was verified then I couldn’t get hold of anybody until I gave up and spent the money and shut down the account because it was just hassle
ternanavi - August 20, 2019 never paid me never paid me out my money withdrawal i went to my police cuz this site is a fishy one do not play it
labodicahnn - August 20, 2019
All Slots Casino is Good Site
The sign up process took me at least few minutes, and they seemed to have a focus on making sure I was a real person, and then I had to download the casino and install it on my computer in order to play. I got some kind of bonus for signing up and depositing money, but I didn’t follow the details as it seemed a bit convoluded and I just want to play some damn BLACKJACK! Anyway, after about 20 minutes or downloading and signing up, I was playing a legitimate and pretty fun game of blackjack on my computer. I also tried them on my iPad once and must say that was REALLY fun but not sure if that was the same site even or if it redirected me.
izuti9p - August 20, 2019 is very slowly
They keep my winnings 3 days in pending, the site is very slowly, i cancel the withdrawal and i loose everything, that’s they keep the withdrawal in pending and hope so i will cancel this, Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.
pomerilanm - August 20, 2019
Do not waste your money on
When I first signed up I did not tick any of the boxes for the bonus funds which was fine the first day I played and lost which was no problem, a few days later I deposited and was playing for a wile and seen that there was bonus funds so I messaged the adviser on chat and they said you don’t have to opt in the bonuses are automatic and they would not remove them until every penny was paid which I did and started again. I got up to £2,200 so to withdraw they asked for my documents which I sent across but they claim the email address I was sending from was different from the one registered to the account which was a lie as the email address they claimed never existed and also I sent screen shots of the email address they had sent to and the ones I was sending from but they still lied and said I was using a different email address which is false!!!! At this moment this is still ongoing but I will be contact trading standards and the gambling commission as it seems like a scam for them not to pay you out even though I have proof! Do not and I mean do not waste your money on this site they will do everything in there power not to pay you! The games are terrible and the site is not easy to use avoid at all costs
lentitisl7 - August 20, 2019
Unfortunately it lets them down!!
The customer service is great, the withdrawal times however are a joke, 5 working days and then they process.. unfortunately it lets them down!!
zrostekze - August 20, 2019
I would stay away from!
I have been using this site for a few years,never had any problems until now. They are asking for a screenshot of PayPal showing my name,email and the PayPal logo all on my shot. Well I’ve done this. The first ones were wrong but my new one is correct,they are saying they havent received my other one. I have sent this about 4 times now. Nobody is replying to my messages,emails. Can never get on live chat because the wait is hours!! I’m very disappointed in this site,considering they used to be so good. Not anymore!!! I would stay away from this site!
aaron118yoo - July 19, 2019
Foxy Casino not trustworthy
I thought this was a brilliant site but as of now it isn’t they have closed my account down cause I have a medical condition which I think is disgusting as who doesn’t have a medical condition these days I would not recommend this site to anyone as I think it is unreasonable and not trustworthy
johnny218de - July 19, 2019
Allslotscasino has worst customer service
One week they approved my documents and received them the other week they dont have any traces of them. They constantly finding way to not pay and bring you back to square one. Every time you talk to someone from customer service they will have a different stories for you on where your process is.
gary7658oldma - July 19, 2019
Onecasino is good site
I usually play with one casino en I think they are one of the best online casino’s!! They give a lot free bonus money . One time I had made with 2 Euro € 100! You can also communicate with them in Dutch! This week I withdrew on Wednesday and first I didn’t thought my money would be on my banks account today but at the end of the day I received my money!! So I am glad that it work out. If they would pay on the same day when you withdraw your money than the would get a10 from me! Now a 9! Keep on the good work, you guys are a good casino en people can win even with a little money. Thank you
aub1238bs - July 19, 2019
MFORTUNE RIPS US OFF AGAIN. After duping us out of £90 a whole back by saying we had a duplicate account they said they had closed that duplicate account. Won £30 on bonus spins and low and behold…not paying out because we have a duplicate account. The same duplicate account we didn’t have last time. And surprise surprise no notes on the account to say this happened before. How disgusting and dishonest. MFORTUNE you should be totally ashamed of yourselves. The lies you tell are appalling. I wonder how many other people you do this to!!!!!
ben2458garan - July 19, 2019 is not bad
Good choice of games don’t understand why it takes so long to put money back in bank when other sites do it in less than 2hrs and left a message on the online chat and no one got back to me but the overall picture was good
jus1238lly - July 19, 2019
Please Avoid Playing in planet7casino!
I register onto Planet 7 Casino; after I played my chips given for completing a questionaire and reach the minimum for taking out my wining and after no response, contact chat support and they block my account and told me that I am not eligible for bonuses but NEVER let me know this; even while I was playing from my Tablet or PC not get any information about this….PLEASE AVOID PLAYING IN THIS CASINO AT ALL!!
ailsa1238bill - July 19, 2019
Vegascasinoonline is Highly illegal.
I still havent received my funds. The casino emailed me saying my winnings would be coming by the first of the month. Emailed with proof the funds never hit my account and no response. Something has to be done about this site. Highly illegal.
ava1238bi - July 19, 2019
Customer Service are bad on
Lack of care and customer service not willing to help out with issue had with games freezing and cutting out
ellen0112jon - July 15, 2019
Mrgreen are scammers.
They are scammers. When you want to withdraw they block your account. I was going to the livechat and they say i have more accounts. I have only 1 account so they are scammers
tanyaburr421 - July 15, 2019 is Scam
I joined and received my no deposit bonus. I was lucky and won and kept playing until all bonus wagering was done. I believe I was playing money that belonged to me as I had done all I was asked within wagering requirements unfortunately not. I first tried to withdraw 1000 that I won but days later still pending. I deposited 20 and again tried to withdraw my winnings but no joy. I was then asked to provide identification which I done immediately but still withdrawl not released. I then cancelled withdrawl and was playing money until I got bored and finically tried to withdraw 300 left. I’ve now been blocked from account and none of my emails are being returned. I’m a frequent gambler and have accounts with all the big companies like betfred jackpotjoy and William hill. Never had any problems like this ever!!!
james43 - July 4, 2019
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